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New Electric Cars: What’s the cheapest?

As we all know, gasoline will soon become too expensive to be practical and alternate fuel vehicles will the be the way of the land. Many vehicles from several different manufacturers are competing for head of the newly found electric car market. Some electric cars, such as the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, are extremely cheap, coming in at around $23k. Others, like the new Tesla Model S, have magnificent range (265 miles) but are comparable to dream cars in price. Some Teslas are priced north of $100k. The real challenge is balancing price and range. So the question is: How much does each car cost divided by the range it gets? (Price of car/range of car)

Many cars have a great balance. The Tesla Model 3 (coming soon) has a remarkable range of 200 miles and an unbelievable price tag of only $35k. This gives the Tesla Model 3 a cost of 175 dollars per mile. This is the lowest (best) competitor. On the other side of the scale, cars like the BMW i3 are very lopsided. The BMW i3 has a range of 81 miles and a crazy price of $43.3k. This gives the i3 a price of 535 dollars per mile, the worst contender as of now. You can find a complete chart below or at this link.

TESLA MODEL 3 $35,000 200 $175 / mile of range
TESLA MODEL S $71,000 265 $268 / mile of range
CHEVORLET SPARK EV $26,000 82 $317 / mile of range
TESLA MODEL X $80,000 230 $348 / mile of range
NISSAN LEAF $29,800 84 $355 / mile of range
KIA SOUL EV $34,500 93 $371 / mile of range
FIAT 500E $32,600 87 $375 / mile of range
SMART ELECTRIC DRIVE $25,700 68 $378 / mile of range
MITSUBISHI i-MiEV $23,800 62 $384 / mile of range
FORD FOCUS ELECTRIC $29,200 76 $384 / mile of range
VOLKSWAGEN E-GOLF $36,300 83 $437 / mile of range
MERCEDES B-CLASS ELECTRIC DRIVE $42,400 85 $499 / mile of range
BMW i3 $43,300 81 $535 / mile of range



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