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10 Ugliest Cars Ever

There are many cars thought to be ugly, but I’ve compiled the 10 ugliest I can think of.


#10: The Fiat Multipla










The Fiat Multipla was and still is one of the ugliest cars made.


#9: The Ford Taurus (1999)


The Ford Taurus, a full-size American sedan is probably the most “swishy-swashy” designed car ever.

#8: The Nissan Cube


With it’s weird wrap-around rear window, strange wheels and a rear parking camera that looks like a zit, I can certainly say that the Nissan Cube deserves a spot on this list of the ugliest cars.


#7: The Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet

This is pretty self-explanatory. This is a Nissan Murano with a cloth folding roof. And it is very ugly.


#6: The Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class

This direct competitor to the BMW X6 looks like a CLA with the roof stretched up, and it’s disturbing.

#5: The Chrysler PT-Cruiser


This all-American economy hatchback from the early 2000’s is covered in vinyl wood, to complete the ugly look.

#4: The Fiat 500L


This Italian high-roof hatchback is nothing but ugly.

#3: The Pontiac Aztec

This vehicle is pretty ugly, and pretty much everyone agrees, but I think there are some even uglier.

#2: The Chrysler Crossfire


The Chrysler Crossfire looks like it took inspiration from a dog taking a poo.

AND THE #1 UGLIEST CAR EVER IS………………………………..

#1: The Subaru Tribeca


With the Alfa Romeo Inspired small grille, high roundish headlights and rear that looks like a kid with an overbite, this car is the single most ugly vehicle ever produced ever.

Please feel free to add your opinions in the comments down below, I read every one!


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Bye-Bye, Scion, Nice Knowing You


**Sorry for this being very late, I just realized this was not posted**


As you have probably heard, the 13-year-old Toyota experiment called Scion is coming to an end. In August, 2016 all current Scion models accept the tC will be rebadged as Toyotas.

I think they should continue the names of previous models. The current Scion FR-S should not be called the Toyota FR-S, but rather the Toyota GT-86. The current iM, should either be called the Toyota Corolla Hatchback, or revive the Toyota Matrix name. Although the Scion iA is not actually a Scion, in my opinion, should hold the name Echo in honor of the Toyota Echo we had many years ago.

Rather sadly, the Scion tC will not be produced as a Toyota, it will be discontinued due to lack of sales.

Scion over the years was not what it was supposed to be: a fun, reliable, quirky car for young 1st car buyers. In fact, the average age of a Scion owner was 40. Although it’s sad to see Scion go, it is understandable too.

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The Tesla Ride-on Toy’s Commercial is Decidedly Sexist.

Earlier this week, Radio Flyer released a commercial featuring it’s new Tesla modeled ride on toy. In the film, at approximately 1:13, the commercial is demonstrating the dual speed feature, that limits “inexperienced” drivers to 3mph, and “experienced” drivers to 6mph. This feature is fine and good, but the way that the commercial presents it is downright sexist. The “inexperienced” driver is a small girl, and she is overtaken by a small boy, understanded to be the “experienced” driver who speeds right past her.

We all understand that radio flyer is only trying to promote a new product and demonstrate a helpful feature, but in my eyes, the commercial producers just wanted to show that men are better drivers then women.

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Mercedes, come on now….

Just a quick thing about the selection of new Mercedes-Benz station wagons.

In the old days, we had the 300TD (turbo diesel), then we had the W203 wagon. There has been an absence of a new Mercedes wagon in the states for far too long. Now, the only Mercedes-Benz wagon you can buy today in the USA is the E-Class.

We did not receive the S204 Wagon.

We did not receive the S205 Wagon.

We did not receive the X208 Shooting Brake.

We did not receive the C117 Shooting Brake.


Meanwhile, your main competitors have been giving us wagons.

We have had a BMW-3-Series wagon since before 2000.

We have had a BMW-5-series wagon since before 2000.

We have had an Audi A-4 wagon since before 2000.

We have had an Audi A-6 wagon since before 2000.

We’ve even had an Audi Allroad since 1999!!


So, if you are from Mercedes-Benz and you are reading this, YOU ARE LOSING MONEY. Please import new wagons to the USA, we really like them.


Mercedes-Benz S204

Mercedes-Benz S204

Mercedes-Benz S205

Mercedes-Benz S205

Mercedes-Benz X208

Mercedes-Benz X208

Mercedes-Benz C117

Mercedes-Benz C117

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