10 Ugliest Cars Ever

There are many cars thought to be ugly, but I’ve compiled the 10 ugliest I can think of.


#10: The Fiat Multipla










The Fiat Multipla was and still is one of the ugliest cars made.


#9: The Ford Taurus (1999)


The Ford Taurus, a full-size American sedan is probably the most “swishy-swashy” designed car ever.

#8: The Nissan Cube


With it’s weird wrap-around rear window, strange wheels and a rear parking camera that looks like a zit, I can certainly say that the Nissan Cube deserves a spot on this list of the ugliest cars.


#7: The Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet

This is pretty self-explanatory. This is a Nissan Murano with a cloth folding roof. And it is very ugly.


#6: The Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class

This direct competitor to the BMW X6 looks like a CLA with the roof stretched up, and it’s disturbing.

#5: The Chrysler PT-Cruiser


This all-American economy hatchback from the early 2000’s is covered in vinyl wood, to complete the ugly look.

#4: The Fiat 500L


This Italian high-roof hatchback is nothing but ugly.

#3: The Pontiac Aztec

This vehicle is pretty ugly, and pretty much everyone agrees, but I think there are some even uglier.

#2: The Chrysler Crossfire


The Chrysler Crossfire looks like it took inspiration from a dog taking a poo.

AND THE #1 UGLIEST CAR EVER IS………………………………..

#1: The Subaru Tribeca


With the Alfa Romeo Inspired small grille, high roundish headlights and rear that looks like a kid with an overbite, this car is the single most ugly vehicle ever produced ever.

Please feel free to add your opinions in the comments down below, I read every one!


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