Volkswagen “Dirty” Diesels?

As of September 18th, Volkswagen has been caught cheating on emission standards. The 2.0 liter diesel engine fitted to many Volkswagen models (including the 2009-current Jetta TDI, Beetle TDI, Golf TDI and A3 TDI, as well as the ’14 and ’15 Passat TDI) was fitted with a monitor that senses if the car was being emission tested. This monitor then activated full smog reduction that is not usually used in normal driving. The smog emitted from the engine without the “restrictor” pollutes 10-40 times as much as the Clean Air Act permits. Volkswagen has halted sales of 2016 models and alerted dealers to stop selling the current models. The recall Volkswagen has placed affects an estimated 480,000 vehicles. The fines imposed by the Clean Air Act could amount to over $37,000 each, creating a total fine for Volkswagen of almost 18 Billion

Also, Volkswagen has removed all “Clean” diesel commercials as well as the “Old Wives Tale” clean diesel videos.

The “clean” diesels we remember were a hoax.


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  1. The Four-Wheeled World


    Although the modern diesels are cleaner, the Clean Air Act was passed after the Mercedes-Benz 300 models were introduced, so there were no laws restricting the amount of pollution those cars created.

  2. Andrew Philpot

    Are they really as “dirty as a coal burning power plant?” Even with the cheat in place, aren’t they tons cleaner than all those 20-year-old smoky Mercedes 300D’s I see? VW’s conduct was reprehensible, but the cars are still tons cleaner than most other diesels on the road.

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